A Family Business


We are a family business, with three generations living under one roof. “Nonno”, or grandpa -Germán- is a pioneer of organic farming who began cultivating the land of Granja la Orientala 30 years ago.


We are Serena, a biologist, and Mathias. In 2012 we adopted a “just-do-it” attitude and decided to quit our jobs, leaving our dear family and friends in Switzerland in order to fully dedicate ourselves to our passion for sustainable living and organic cultivation.

Together with our three children, we moved to a rural area of Montevideo to start over as farmers on the small Britos family estate.


Since 2012, alongside Nonno and two Uruguayans—Alberto and Galletano, who have been working on the farm for decades and contribute immensely with their experience and manpower—we have been caring for the local environment through our everyday work.


We eat what grows around us and sell our organic food to costumers, sharing it with the local community.

What We Believe In


We believe in maintaining biodiversity and cultivating in harmony with nature. When planting and harvesting, we always follow the natural seasonality of products, without using any artificial fertilizers or pesticides, and without greenhouses (only one is used for seedlings).  


We respect each other’s knowledge and that of all who visit the farm, and we encourage its growth. We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and the sharing of ideas.


Research and experimentation make up part of our daily work. We are passionate about discovering new patterns of growth behaviour, which increase the health of the environment and of our products.

We Made It!


We would like to especially thank all the people who helped us in 2016 as part of the Wemakeit – campaign  “Britos-Granja La Orientala”. Thanks to you, “we did better and more”.


Every day we think about you and the importance of your contribution to the improvement of our daily work. Simply and forever: Thank you!  


Get in Touch

Tel: +598 95 014616  |  info@granjalaorientala.com


Tel: +598 95 014616  |  info@granjalaorientala.com


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