Experiences "La Orientala"


Visit us alone or with your whole family to become part of the farm and its natural beauty. We offer four kind of experiences, depending on your interests.

Contact us for more information and details about the available dates and prices.

Experience 1

Come Cook With Me


A guided walk along the farm, picking in-season vegetables while totally immersed in local production.


After that, we head to the kitchen, where we make what’s needed to eat and a little bit more: some to sell at the market, and some for the helpers to take home with them.

Experience 2

Come Plant With Me 


A guided walk along the farm with some time in our greenhouse: hands in the dirt ready to plant, that’s the very first step.


Put the seed into the ground and water it: the result is everything you see around you. We plant what’s needed for us, but also what you need for your vegetable garden or balcony

Experience 3

Tea Time


In a suburban neighborhood, just a few kilometres away from the birthplace of tango, a guided walk along the farm: a few hours of relaxing while surrounded by biodiversity, followed by a cup of coffee or tea served with a homemade, organic afternoon snack, sitting among hens and lemon trees.


A perfect way to enjoy nature and forget about nearly everything.

Experience 3

Family Afternoon


We have three kids and know how important it is to spend a calm afternoon with the family, when both the big and little ones can have a nice time.


So while the youngsters run off to have a look at the chickens, pet the donkey or climb a tree, the grownups can breathe in the perfume of nature, enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.


And all of this together with a homemade snack with organic


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Tel: +598 95 014616  |  info@granjalaorientala.com


Tel: +598 95 014616  |  info@granjalaorientala.com


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