How We Farm


On our seven hectares we cultivate over 100 products, which are planted and harvested year-round. Our land has been ecologically cultivated for 30 years, and has been organically certified for 25 years.


Our philosophy of cultivation is to let nature “do its thing”. We do not try to fix every possible problem: we grow such a variety of foods that if one particular product is not doing so well, others are surely thriving.

Unique Biodiversity


Our cultivation is a mosaic of highly diversified farming practices, which harmoniously combines seasonal vegetables, a variety of fruit trees, and laying hens.


We have two movable chicken coops that are relocated every three weeks. In each of them live 50 hens without stress, free to move around in the grass among fruit trees. In this way, they fertilize the orchards, control pests, feeding on healthy vegetation and the organic vegetables which have reached the end of their cycle.


Our little greenhouse is the first step of all cultivation in the fields and also the kingdom of one of our new products: microgreens.

Where You Can Buy Our Products

Organic Market

Every Sunday in Parque Rodo

8am – 2pm


Maldonado 1390


At the Farm

Come by and take your favorites directly from the field to your home

Our Products


Find here the complete list of vegetables, fruits, preserved foods and specialities we offer, listed by seasonality.

Our La Orientala – specialities inlclude eggs, microgreens, wheatgrass, ready-to-eat mixed salads, wholegrain bread, Zopf (traditional Swiss braided loaf bread), homemade Paglia e Fieno (straw and hay) pasta.


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Tel: +598 95 014616  |


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